Dave Miller - Summit School Board

Reasons to Run

After I introduce myself and we shake hands, the first question most people ask is, “why are you running for school board?” For me, it all comes back to making a difference.

1.       Desire to create a positive impact
2.       My experience and abilities

                Desire to create a positive impact
Creating a positive impact doesn’t just come from the board. There is a cast of supporters out there that need to work together to create a difference, and by engaging them all, we can create a positive impact. I have worked directly with students, teachers, school administrators, and community members and together, through sound policy, and by focusing on our strengths, we can create channels for positive impact on the students.

                My Experience and Abilities
With a  diverse set of skills and abilities, I am ready for the challenge of Summit School Board. I decided to run because I can help guide our district in a research-driven and community-based way. I have a love of lifelong learning, and I come into the school board election with a fresh perspective and an open mind, and I look forward to listening and learning as my term progresses.